The Healthcare Vertical project for the Military Forces Health Subsystem (SSFM) is born to implement a solution to support the decision-making process and to make easier the tasks inside the integrated information system of military health (SISAM).

The project holds the processes related to the provision of the service in the Military Health Establishments – ESM, the processes related to the insurer by the General Military Health Direction and the special processes that contribute to supporting the accomplishment of its mission in providing health services in the operations and integral health services to his members and beneficiaries.


Satisfying the needs of integral health service to the users of the SSFM, guaranteeing the complete, integrated and updated health information of its users, supported in technological infrastructure to give fast and efficient access, to keep track of the health services provided and to make easier the decision making through the generation of reports and indicators, to improve the quality in the health service providing.


• Automating  of  the  processes  related  to the insurance and the providing of health services by the Military Health Establishments, the Health directions and the General Military Health Direction.

• Implementing the electronic health record according to the law No. 1438/2011 and the resolution No. 1995/1999, guaranteeing the complete, integrated and updated health information of the users.

• Maintaining the reliability and opportunity standards in the health services providing.

• Incorporating  business  intelligence  tools to analyze and present data through reports and indicators, keeping the information’s integrity.

• Assuring  the  availability,  integrity  and confidentiality of the information in the healthcare vertical solution.

• Centralizing  the  management  of  the healthcare processes.