Fixed training device that allows the capacitation of students through the operation of flight and control instruments, these are high fidelity based on the Cessna Caravan C208B aircraft. With SIMAER, we achieve the goal of approaching the student with the environment that he will be facing in real flight operations, allowing to economize the resources usually needed for training in real aircraft.

The operational scenarios are customized according to the use of the aircraft in certain regions needed by the costumer. The realism of the scenarios is achieved with an arduous elaboration of the needed terrains and the inclusion of a dome that covers the cockpit with a 220° horizontal range that resembles the view of the pilot in the real aircraft.

With SIMAER, the instructor can generate failures in the different systems of the aircraft in order to train the student in some possible adversities during the real operation of the aircraft. The instructor also counts with an evaluation system that allows him to keep track of the steps missed by the student in the checklists of normal, abnormal and emergency procedures of the aircraft.

The development of the SIMAER was accompanied by pilots and professional technicians of the Colombian Air Force – FAC, who supported the CODALTEC group with important information to make of SIMAER a highly reliable training device for the operation of the Cessna Caravan C208B aircraft, allowing the economization of resources, the capacitation of students upon eventual aircraft failures and their familiarization with scenarios and missions.