The Integral Management Software for Intellectual Property – GIPI

Is a software that allows to the user to manage the processes of the intangibles of his interest (brands, designs and utility patents, industrial designs and copyright), and to keep track of the historical record of the rights and licenses given.


This software was developed with validation from intellectual property experts of the Colombian Ministry of National Defense, turning GIPI into a platform to easily manage the intangibles portfolio by gathering in the same system all the information related to the process, since the request until the concession, allowing the storage of related documents, the setting of alarms for legal terms and the elaboration of reports.

• It  makes  easier  the  intangibles  portfolio management.
• It allows the control of the processes of your concern.
• It  keeps  historical  record  of  the  rights  and licenses given.
• It sets alarms for legal terms and creates the pertinent reports