Fixed training device for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with capacity to interact with entities and operations based on real environments. It consists in a simulation software and operational hardware located in the GCS “Ground Control Station”.

Ground Control Station (GCS)

The SIMART has two stations inside the GCS, one for the operator and another one for the instructor. This works inside of a container completely integrated with computer equipment, an electric system and additional equipment for its operation.
The design of its structure allows it to be moved in the C-130 airplane of the Colombian Air Force. In the GCS the instructor will be able to choose scenarios and missions, to monitor the flight phases, to assign emergency situations and to evaluate
the performance of the pilot using the UAV under different circumstances.

Simulation Software

The simulator for unmanned aerial vehicles (SIMART) allows to the users of the system, by using a simulated environment, to learn the planning, monitoring and operation during the flight phases of the Scan Eagle aircraft.

Additionally, it has an easily usable toolset to recreate emergency scenarios during the launch, operation and recovery of the aircraft.


• Updatable scenarios of the Colombian geography.
•  Missions  with  real  operational features.
• Interaction of the entities with the geographic and operational environments.
•  Configuration  of  meteorological conditions.
•  Emergency  procedures  of  the  real system.
•  Scalable  for  interaction  with  other simulators developed with the corporation’s technology.
•  High  definition  aerodynamic  model, based in the aircraft to simulate the real flight conditions.
• Simulation of different control modes:
Programmed flight, Free mode and recovery by remote control.