Simulator station

The software has a module to achieve the interaction with the hardware of the simulator. It can parameterize the ignition and electric systems, the fuel, the warning lights, the tire inflation and the cooling systems.

The MARKAB has a complete movement model that includes the vehicle’s weight, 2WD / 4WD traction, gears and speed, turning angle, and friction and stability variables. The simulator incorporates the failures to which the vehicle is exposed in real operation, those failures can be activated by the instructor from a panel at any moment to evaluate the reaction of the students when solving emergencies.

The failures can be activated in the engine, the transmission, the steering, the tire inflation system, the warning lights and the brakes.
The simulation of the gunner works parallel to the vehicle’s operation, being totally immersive by using a virtual reality headset and emulating the real gun features.

Operation scenarios

Two scenarios have been developed with real data taken from Colombian geography and a training track with obstacles, shooting targets and different geographic conditions like asphalt, mud, water and sand.