CODALTEC presents his radar prototype TADER, designed and developed by his team of engineers

On March 29, 2017 at 10:00 am at the "Capitan Luis F. Gómez Niño" Air Base, located in Apiay Villavicencio, the Colombian Air Force recieved the TADER Radar System, an event that was chaired by the Minister of National Defense, the Governor of Meta (E), Mrs. Mayoress (E) Villavicencio, Military High Command and other personalities of the National order. Within its science, technology and innovation policy for the sector, the Ministry of Defense (MDN) aims to become a motor of development for the National Industry, through several guiding principles, among the forms of self-sufficiency, Which seeks to reduce the dependence of foreign actors in strategic areas.


In this order of priorities, the MDN developed the Sectorial of Sensors, in which it seeks to develop capacities in the handling of frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this specific case in the area of Radiofrequency (RF) and MICROWAVE. Based on a Government-to-Government Agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Colombia, an agreement was signed to transfer knowledge technology (TOT & TOK) between the High Tech Corporation for Defense (CODALTEC) and the consortium of Spanish companies IN-NOVA). The objective of this agreement was to receive the transfer of knowledge in Radar Sensors systems, through a Master's Degree in Radars with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), an On the Job Training (OJT) carried out in the companies of the Spanish consortium, and the transfer of technology through the co-development of two functional radar prototypes. Through a call in the engineering careers related to the project, which took place in the first instance in the region of Meta and then to national level, a group of 12 professionals was selected; Likewise, the Military Forces selected a group of 8 uniformed members of the Public Force, to complete a team of 20 Colombian engineers who face this challenge.

The project lasted 30 months in which CODALTEC's team of Colombian engineers received academic training and knowledge transfer in the radars area. The results of this project are: the acquisition of national capacities for the development and technological innovation in the area of ​​sensors that allow to develop own solutions, for both Military entities and civilians of the country; A functional prototype of a short-range, transportable and Tactical Air Defense Radar (TADER), with which it is intended to cover the coverage needs in point defense areas of the national airspace; Which, in the history of our republic, had never been taken into account by its very high cost; As well as another functional prototype of radar system, transportable with capabilities of surface surveillance, detection of people, vehicles and drones for protection and critical infrastructure (SINDER - Surface Intrusion Detection Radar), with which it will be able to cover all the security requirements In the country's critical military and infrastructure facilities; Such as refineries, oil pipelines, oil fields, reservoirs, airports, moors, natural parks, electricity networks, coal routes, communications towers, among others. Finally, the creation of a research group called "Sensors Research and Development Group GIDS", which aims to generate research and a knowledge base with other groups and universities in the area of ​​sensors.

The development of CODALTEC's Sensors Division in the Region of Meta (Villavicencio), will promote the creation of a technological cluster, to create an industrial fabric with the technological companies of the region and an appropriation of the knowledge of these technologies through the integration of the Universities in CODALTEC's projects.