The first radar made by Colombians arrives in Colombia

On Thursday, November 10, was received in the Air Base's Combat Air Command No. 2 "Captain Luis F. Gómez Niño" , the first radar developed by CODALTEC engineers.

Following the execution of the ambitious technology transfer project executed with Spain, which has been running for almost three years, the first radar is being co-developed by Colombian engineers and expected to be installed for its operation and testing at CACOM-2 Of the Colombian Air Force.

This system is intended to cover the critical infrastructure protection needs of the country, providing an early warning and intrusion detection service at distances of up to 17 km.

This system, SINDER-LR, is the first product available in Colombia from the Sensors Division of the Defense High Tech Corporation - CODALTEC, and will be the pillar of a family of radars that will develop this Corporation in the coming years. Also, thanks to the work of ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) developed within the Division of Sensors and the quality processes that this Division handles, we officially have the first product with part number of the whole Corporation, generating the bases For excellent support and traceability of the systems developed in the field of sensors and raising Colombia to the level of the few countries that in America are able produce this technology.