Follow-up Technical Visit FTD Cessna C-208B SIMAER

From November 02 to 03, 2016, in the city of Villavicencio - Meta, the Defense Aeronautical Certification Section SECAD, accomplished the Technical Follow-Up visit to the C-208B Caravan Flight Training Device, at the facilities of the High-Tech Corporation CODALTEC, in order to evaluate the current state of the project and its capacity to respond to the development of Objective and Subjective Testing Plan according to current FAA normative for Flight Training Devices (14 CFR Part 60, Appredix B / AC -120-45A "Airplane Flight Training Device Qualification").

For the Certification Specialists, the technological progress of the SIMAER Cessna C-208B FTD was evident, considering the levels of realism and functionality, to which this useful prototype has achieved. The Test Pilot that accompanied the SECAD in the development of this exercise, obtained an adequate control of the Device in the phases of switching-on, taxiing and climb, among others to satisfaction. All cruising, descent and landing flight tests are scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2017, however, the overall production and performance balance is technically adequate, considering its category and application As FTD Level 5.

During the visit, TS (RA) Diego Germán Castrillón, Coordinator of Certification of CODALTEC, and Engineers Jairo Cadena, Yeimy Quevedo, Cesar Augusto Amaya, Yenner Esteban Robayo and Pedro Nel Caro of the Simulation and Modeling Division participated. Representing Combat Air Command No.2 was Lieutenant Julián Niebles Lozano as validator pilot and by the SECAD Miss Captain Jane Katherine Arguello González Electronic Engineer, Certification Specialist, and the Subchief Technical Nixonfrey Blanco Vela, Technician in Control Airworthiness Instrument Specialist.

Notwithstanding the achievements, it is fundamental that both the Corporation and the Colombian Air Force continue to support the technical work that is being carried out for optimization in accordance with international standards. This, in order to strengthen, the transfer of knowledge, training processes, reverse engineering and other strategies that promote research and innovation in the service of technological projects, for the Armed Forces.

SECAD thanked and acknowledged the efforts of CODALTEC personnel to bring this functional prototype to the required service levels and urged the work team to continue working in alliance with Combat Air Command No.2 to fine-tune the SIMAER FTD Cessna C-208B Caravan, putting at their disposal the personnel of SECAD certification experts and the unconditional support of the Headship of Aeronautical Logistics Operations JOL, to achieve the technical qualification of it.