SALUD.SIS Anniversary


On October 9 (2015) SALUD.SIS was implemented in 20 ESM (Military Health Establishments), allowing for the first time access to a single electronic clinical history, online and in real time.

Some of the main characteristics of SALUD.SIS are:

friendly graphical interfaces, access control, availability has been 99.95%, maximum response time of 4 seconds and it is a multichannel software.

Currently, we are in 4 departments, with 1,273 functional users and 177,253 members in 20 ESM and our goal is to cover all 687,192 beneficiaries of the system in more than 170 ESM.

Since the production stage began, it have been created 91,514 Electronic Medical Records, and a total of 172,393 attentions have been recorded.

We continue to work on new features which include: Portfolio Service, Scheduling, Admissions, Nursing, Reference / counterreferral, released and HCE (Complement of Electronic Clinical History).